Monday, May 30, 2011

Missing our friends already

Tomorrow our dear friends the Kecks leave for five weeks. We are all going to miss them, but Harkin especially is going to miss her best friend Ruby. These pictures say it all. Ruby is truly her best buddy... a companion when she is happy, a comfort when she is sad, a partner in crime when she is looking for mischief. We are so thankful for Ruby!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family fun...

We have had lots of special family times in these past few weeks and we give thanks for them:

Playing in the backyard...

A walk and picnic in the public garden:

A walk around castle island followed by a picnic...

A special dinner and Harkin's first boat ride with our friends the Hermans...
Looking forward to a summer filled with many more special memories as we spend time with family and friends.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Kaluwa!

A very happy birthday to our friend Kaluwa, the very first friend we met when we moved to Boston four years ago. We are so grateful for our friendship with her and the rest of the Kieta family!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Move over Hollywood workout fads..

The other day as I was checking out at Target, a young college girl looked at me and then at my cartful of children and the following conversation began:

Girl in line: "How old is your baby?"
Me: "Two months."
Girl in line: " look great. When do you find the time to workout?"
Me: "Oh, I don't workout...maybe it's just the breastfeeding..."

Fast forward two days to this afternoon. I was in the kitchen stirring a gigantic bowl of brownie batter (a recipe multiplied by 4) in preparation for a mens night that Travis is hosting tonight. My arm was throbbing, it felt like I had just swam a mile. That is when it hit me.
Wait a minute... I DO workout. In fact, I may never be in this kind of shape again!
For those of you looking to start a great workout routine, read on...

Sample workout day (today):
NOTE: for my weights I like to use my 30 lb toddler and/or my 15 lb baby

* Carry 45 lb weight down the stairs (30 lb toddler + 15 lb baby)
* Go downstairs and get load 1 of laundry. Run it up stairs. Repeat with load 2, this time with the 15 lb weight in the basket.
* Carry 30 lb weight to van, take a 10 second walking break as you go back to the porch, carry
15 lb weight + 5 lb car seat to the van, chase dog around yard until he gives up and heads
inside (about 5 minutes of aerobic work), carry 10 lb stroller to van and do a giant bicep curl
as you toss it into the trunk.
* Unload all weights from van.
* Breastfeed and burp 15 lb weight while chasing toddler around the park.
* Reload all weights into van.
* Unload all weights from van.
* Put 30 lb weight + 15 lb weight + 5 lb carseat into giant shopping cart. Push the cart around
BJs for approximately 30 minutes gradually adding more weight as you shop. Fill cart until
there is so much resistance that you are no longer able to push the cart on your own. At this point head to the check out line.
* Unload all grocery weights into van and reload all breathing weights into the car.
* Upon arriving home, unload all weights from car.
* Carry 30 lb weight upstairs for her nap.
* Jog back downstairs... quick! Someone is hungry...
* Breastfeed 15 lb weight while unloading the dishwasher (this will add up to about 25 squats)
* Make a quadruple size batch of brownies. Stirring the thick batter until your arm feels like it
is going to fall off.

Now... if you really want to know my secret. Don't stop here. Repeat this workout with slight variations during the late afternoon.

For me, I will now take a 30 minute break. During this time I will eat as much as I can, as fast as I can. I will use the bathroom in preparation for my afternoon workout. Any minute, I will hear the sound of "Mommmmmyy...." and that will be my signal to retie my sneakers, take a swig from my water bottle, and get on with my afternoon workout.