Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Memories...

We are just now recuperating from post-holiday sickness and readjusting to the old routine. As we've caught up with friends and shared highlights from our MN vacation, we continue to give thanks for our family. Below... some of the highlights.

We have the VERY best Papa! The best Mo Mo too, but she misses the pictures because she is busy making Christmas happen!

We also have the best Ya-Ya and GP and were so happy to have them with us in MN!

"Hey YaYa, do you have any games on this thing?"

Being with the cousins was the most fun of all!

I mean, our cousins are really really cool.

And that dancing Frosty sure was entertaining...

Open-mouthed, our little munchkins saw Santa up close for the first time....
And soon after went bananas when forced onto the strange man's lap.
To me this last picture captures what Christmas is all about. Sharing laughs and building memories with the ones you love most, in the place that for me, will forever be home sweet home.

Thanks to MoMo and PaPa for making this Christmas and so many others so very special.