Friday, October 22, 2010

Creamy Tomato Mess

This one goes out to those of you whose husbands are not arriving home to a Martha Stuart dinner, a clean house, or a wife that still has her sanity.

Oh, how hard I tried... On a cool October night I envisioned my husband walking in to creamy tomato soup & grilled cheese coming off the stove. Me, in my elegant black hoodie and corduroy pants would greet him at the door with a smile and kiss.

WRONG. Just moments before my hubbies arrival I transferred the chunky tomato soup to the blender. With one flick of the switch this chunky dunky soup would turn into a creamy dreamy delight. FLIP. What the &*%$^$#?!??

What the soup recipe failed to mention was that if you put lots of soup in the blender, most of the soup will end up on your walls, cupboards, floor, and every other possible surface, crack, and crevice within a twenty foot radius.

So what did I do. I stomped my foot, said some bad words, stripped the outside layer of my clothes and stepped away from the tomato mess, before I lost all control. It's just tomato soup... It's just tomato soup... I repeated calmly to myself. And now, having blogged for a few minutes I am ready to go clean up this mess and then possibly order a pizza.

Happy Friday people...


  1. oh no! Sorry that your kitchen is all messy.

    how was the pizza???

  2. Hysterical! I am dying laughing, only because I know TOTALLY how you feel. Except that I probably would have ended up in a mess of tears and terrible words---you seemed so collected! Miss you!