Thursday, June 9, 2011

Due for a lazy day.

As soon as warm weather hit a few weeks ago, we have been going full speed ahead each day. Yesterday was an example of what our days have been like:

9-10 Play at the playground
10-12 Meet friends to play at the beach
12-2 Naps for everybody
3-4 Doctor
4-6 Meet friends at the pool to swim
6-7 Eat homemade ice cream for dinner at friends house
7-8 Bathe, read, and SLEEP!

Although this was a particularly busy day, many of our days have been like this lately, and this morning I decided we were long overdue for a lazy morning. So today we woke up and did just that. As tired as I was of this typical winter routine, today it felt so nice and out of the ordinary. Sipping coffee, watching the morning show, Sesame street, and playing. It has been delightful.

Tobi enjoyed sleeping (and of course Harkin made sure he had someone to snuggle with)

Harkin rediscovered all of the toys she has not played with for many days, as well as what we like to call "the government issued" pacifier that was sent home from the hospital when she was born.

I am so grateful for this lazy morning-- it is just what we needed. A few minutes ago I put Harkin in time out up in her crib and by the time I went to take her out a minute later, she had curled up and fallen sound asleep :)

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