Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Time!

It has been a summer full of fun and family. Time at home mixed with time away. 
Here are a few highlights from the past few months!

     Harkin soaks in some sun while enjoying a good book. 
Cousin Eloise comes to visit!

Plenty of playground fun this summer!

Tobias cooling off with a cold glass of milk after being hard at play out back.

Uncle P-Lo, Lisa, and Eloise come to play!

We have loved our bike trailer this summer~ a favorite napping spot!

Most recently... we got special time with our cousins in Aspen.

Tobias runs in the green grass of Colorado-- he is stretching out and slimming down!! 

Harkin and Wilder strolling the streets of Aspen hand in hand.

Harkin enjoying every minute of her time with cousin Georgia!

Harkin very carefully sipping ice water from her fancy stemmed glass at Ms. Anne's wedding.

Tobias and Daddy at our friends wedding reception.

This picture captures the current relationship between H & T: double trouble and best buds!

Harkin sporting leg warmers at the farmers market- 90 degree heat does not impact her fashion decisions :) 

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