Thursday, April 14, 2011

By day and by night...


Yesterday we had a music student come to our house to tune and repair our piano. Because our piano was in such rough shape, the job ended up taking much longer than expected. With each passing hour, I would poke my head in and check on his progress. At the same time, we were carrying on with a typical day in our house. I was walking around for most of the morning with Tobi in the front pack, since that is the only place he will remain quiet. Harkin spent her time napping, eating, playing, and throwing tantrums in between all of these things. At 3:00 her friend Ruby came over and they began to play.

Another hour later, just after I finished calming a tantrum, giving a time-out, and changing THREE poopy diapers, I went in to check on the piano repair man one last time. "How are you doing?" I asked. He looked up, smiled, and said: "I'm fine, how are YOU doing?" Oh Mr. Piano man, you have only seen 5 hours of the day. Imagine being in this chaos for 24... :)


Fast forward a few hours. In walks Travis and this is what he sees:

His sweet daughter, ready to say her prayers: '

Smiling sweetly in hopes of a treat:

And ready to snuggle up with a book before bed:

It is no wonder that in daddy's eyes she is a little angel. She is an angel to me too... it's just that by day I often have to work a bit harder to see it :)

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