Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching moments...

It is hard to believe that nearly a full month has passed since Tobias was born! It has also been hard to catch all of the sweet moments in the midst of each action packed day. Perhaps it is too ambitious, but I am going to try to capture more of these moments and share them via blog for the few of you who want to share in these moments with us. I also hope it will be a way for me to appreciate more of these moments, and remember to give thanks for each precious day.

This pic is of Tobias at 2 weeks, with his sister Harkin. Four week pics to follow soon.

And here are some pics from our Saturday morning. Although snow is still lingering, spring is in the air. After a waffle breakfast we took a family trip to the park with Harkin's very best friend Ruby. Then we came back for more fun on the back patio. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine, except for Tobi, who stayed deeply snuggled into the front pack for most of the morning.

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  1. I love seeing th photos, Katie! You guys have a beautiful family.